In Memory of our past Aussies...                      

Crown Point Sioux

DOB :  Jan. 29, 1992      PTS:  June 12.1999

Red Merle with Copper/White

We will be known forever...for the tracks we leave behind.       Sioux Proverb

Sioux was my first bed buddy and my first obedience dog...and she died from aggressive internal nose cancer.

How I wish that I had know THEN, that the Bordetella nose vaccine could CAUSE cancer...sigh.

She was trained to Novice A obedience levels and competed on Oct. 10, 1998 where she scored a 188.5 under Judge Janet Carlisle. 

Sioux produced one litter for us...of which we kept two pups...Beau and Kiowa.

Sioux was the impetus for my researching and starting to use a CARNIVORE type diet...called Raw Diet.    I used the BARF (Dr. Billinghurst) method for approximately 6 years, and then switched to the Prey Model Style Raw Diet via the book:  WORK WONDERS,  by Dr. Tom Lonsdale of Australia.   A much simpler method and more species appropriate method of carnivore feeding.


Crown Point Medicine Beau CD

ASCA # E72031     AKC #DL552885/02

 DOB:   June 29, 1994     PTS:  Mar. 24, 2009

 Red Tri

 Beau, approx. 6 months old

Beau was diagnosed with autoimmune hypothyroid disease around 1 1/2 years old...THANKS to my traditional use of vaccines!

He was neutered and placed on thyroid hormone replacement therapy for his lifetime.   He lived to be 15,  with NO other health issues,  thanks to the Raw Diet and NO further vaccines.


Crown Point Kiowa Skye

DOB:  June 29, 1994     PTS:   Feb. 2009  (Back injury)

ASCA #E72030     AKC   # DL552885/03

Blue Merle with Copper/White 

Hubby's girl - Novice Obedience
trained, but unshown


Pinecrest Harlequin of Tae   ASCA CD

DOB:  Aug. 15, 1997     PTS:  Jan. 23, 2009

Blue Merle with Dark Copper/White



Quinn was shown in Nov. B obedience and completed his ASCA CD
with very good scores and multiple HIT's. 

GOOD BOY, Quinner