Prey Model Style RAW Diet for Carnivores!                       

My first suggestion would be to read the book:  WORK WONDERS by Dr. Tom Lonsdale of Australia.    Available at:


This is a common sense approach to  feeding our dogs,  who are genetically evolved to eat RAW meat, RAW meat covered bones, small amounts of RAW organ meat and if your dogs are VERY lucky...raw green tripe!


After your dog has been transitioned to the proper Raw should feed as much protein VARIETY as possible.  This will supply the necessary live enzymes and amino acids that your carnivore needs to build and rebuild their body for long-term health!

Feed RAW red meat (Beef, pork, lamb, venison, buffalo, etc.) two to four days a week...alternating with chicken,  ground turkey,  chicken gizzards and hearts, turkey hearts,  whatever QUALITY human grade meats that you can find through RAW Co-ops or bulk purchasing.

Feed once or twice daily (once a puppy is 5 to 6 months old.)
Some folks fast their dogs once a week...I don't,  but it's an individual decision.

Feed TINY amounts of Raw organ meats and gradually over time, increase the amounts of liver, spleen and kidney...and feed this in addition to their regular meat,  two to three times a week.

Feed some variety of RAW heart meat two to three times a week.  (Considered to be a muscle meat.)

Feed RAW  (not canned)  green tripe at least once a week...small amounts at first...also gradually increasing the amount,  with a regular meal.  This is available through many Raw Co-ops...or you can order through:

Feed fish,  once a week,   NOT TUNA!   Canned JACK Mackerel, canned salmon,  water pack sardines,  fresh sardines,  wild caught  fish...but NOT raw trout or salmon from the NW Pacific coast!

Feed ADULT dogs approx. 2 to 3% of their weight daily.  Puppies will need  approx. 10% or their weight daily...or thereabouts!  You don't want FAT puppies...slim and trim...with NO bulging bellies.

Check your dogs/puppies ribs/backbones once a week and adjust portions up or down, as necessary.

Feed approximately 60% RAW Meat Covered Bones

   (Meat with bone:   Chicken backs, legs, thighs, whole chicken which is    cut into appropriately-sized portions,  some bone-in pork cuts...(I use country style pork ribs...the REALLY meaty kind.)

35% muscle meat (Meat without bones)

5% Raw Organs   (Liver, Kidney, Spleen) (TINY Portion at first)

Feed an occasional RAW egg...the High Omega 3 eggs are the BEST... pastured eggs the supreme choice!    At least twice a week,  with or without the shell.

If you can't afford or find "pastured -  grassfed"  meats...give your dogs some human grade salmon oil to supply the omega 3's for health.  I give my Aussies a couple of 1000 mg. Carlson brand Salmon oil capsules, 2 to 3 X a week...

If you can find/afford whole prey  (rabbits, ducks, chickens, etc.)  that is wonderful!   Since these meals are usually bigger than normal,  fast the day before or after feeding a whole prey animal....UNLESS your dog gets the "I'm empty!"  hurka gurkas...then portion the meat and feed as necessary.   You can even fast for a couple of days,  if the meal was huge.
Experience will tell you what to do!

If your dog's stools are too loose and dark,  you probably fed something that is too rich or too MUCH of a rich item.  Liver is notorious for causing loose stools.   Liver is very good for your dog,  so don't be afraid to feed it...but start with a TINY portion and then adjust to your dog's tolerance, over time.  Feed raw meats with MORE bone to correct any diarrhea issue from overindulgence of organ meats...

Remember to supply a VARIETY of raw meaty items each week.  Each meal does NOT have to be balanced!   That's commercial pet food  brainwashing...  It's balance OVER time!   It's OK to do poultry for 3 days in a row,  but then feed some RED meats.   Each type of meat contains different nutrients and amino acids,  so if you feed a variety, your dog will get superior nutrition for a longer and more vital life!

RAW fed puppies do grow slower...but they grow HEALTHIER.