In loving memory of Belle...

DOB:  June 13, 2003    Put to sleep:  Feb. 24, 2007  


This is a pictorial story of my beloved Belle,  who suffered from Vaccinosis after receiving MINIMAL vaccines,  which damaged her whole body...and eventually caused her death.

She had been vaxed with a single ML Distemper shot at 12 weeks of age,  then I waited three weeks and gave her a single ML Parvo shot.  NO boosters were ever given!

Chewing a RAW Chicken Back...   (6 weeks old)

Belle had her first Rabies vaccine in February 2004.  Her second and FINAL one,  was given in March 2005.

Within a month's time of her Rabies booster...she started with some slight hair loss at the perimeter of her nose leather.  Then her nose leather started to look rough and scaled.

I knew that "conventional" treatment for this would have been steroids and possibly antibiotics.  I no longer use any allopathic treatments for my dogs...unless it's an emergency that I cannot handle at home with alternatives.  Belle was placed under Homeopathic treatments in mid-June.  And, of course,  her species appropriate carnivore diet was continued.

Although Belle's condition seemed to wax and wane with her homeopathic treatment,  the problem seemed to get worse as time went by...with each renewed outbreak.    As you can see the in photo below,  her condition has caused total hair loss and scabs on the bridge of her nose, and now the areas around both her eyes are involved.

By November 2006,  Belle's condition was causing swelling around her eyes and nose areas.  It was also spreading between her front legs,  around some nipples and on the lower front legs as well.

Because of her worsening condition,  my vet advised me to have some punch biopsies done.  We did this to rule out ANY skin infection, as the cause.  The biopsies showed that she did NOT have any sign of skin infection.   Her other blood work  was excellent,  (thanks to her lifetime of RAW diet,)  there was no visible sign of internal organ damage.

                                                                         January 2007

These following photos are fairly graphic...if you have a delicate stomach,  please prepare yourself for sadness and upset.  It took me many months to be able to view these again,  and put this info on my website for others to learn the TRUTH about vaccine damage (vaccinosis).

I wanted to let other dog/cat owners know the damage that can be triggered or caused by vaccines...(This info per Dr. W. Jean Dodds of   (Canine Thyroid expert)

As you can see,  Belle has lost most of her body the next month, it was approximately a 95% hair loss, along with a big loss of body condition, even though I was feeding her small amounts as often as 6 times a day.   She is also oozing fluid through her skin all over her body.

Final photo of Belle,  on February 20, 2007

On February 24th,  Belle was gently assisted "over the Bridge" in my be once again,  well and healthy on the "other side".

I have never felt such painful guilt over my misplaced trust in pHARMa and vaccines.

Tears are flowing as I write this...but I know it was the best decision for her, even though my heart will always ache for her pain and loss...

Be well,  be with Daddy.  Wait for me and play with the Lord's sheep!

I make a heartfelt promise to you, my Belle...

I will NEVER vaccinate another animal in my care for the

rest of my life!

Love, Mom